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Kenn Glenn – More Than Meets The Eye

Most are inspired by the tip of the iceberg in athletics, as they should be. But there are so many victories underneath the surface to be inspired by.

I had the pleasure of getting to corner Kenn Glenn this past weekend in Houston, Texas. He ended up finishing his opponent in his MMA bout in the second round via RNC. Victory.

Kenn took this fight on short notice, 6 days. He was brought in to give his opponent a good fight but by no means win. He fought one of TX up and coming lightweights. Victory.

He had 22lbs to cut in 6 days. That is a crazy amount when not allowed the time for a full water cut. Kenn made it. Victory.

Kenn trained every day, twice a day most days. In the middle of challenging circumstances he showed up and made the time to commit to his passionate craft. Victory.

Kenn has a growing family to balance his passion with. He makes sure they get all their tasks done and sets a good example for his youngsters. Victory.

Kenn also has a full time job as a Captain for the Minneapolis Fire Department. Working 24 hour shifts not know what kinda day it’s gonna be and being able to turn the go button on when the call comes in. Not only does Kenn answer the bell but leads the way being a captain. Victory.

Kenn also is a BJJ black belt instructor to growing youngsters at The Cellar Gym. He leads the way for their young journeys through martial arts. Victory.

Kenn also has a personal life aside from fighting, making weight, training, family, his career and teaching jiu-jitsu. It is full of all sorts of ups and downs, as is everyone’s. He still finds the time to balance it all every month, week and day to carry out his passion. Victory.


There is more to individuals that meets the eye or that the “public eye” sees. Be inspired, take notes and learn from all around you regardless of what they do for work, hobbies, and fun. Fantastic job Kenn. Victory.