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Functional fitness is a type of exercise classification that involves training your body to have optimal performance in activities performed at home, at work or in sports. Functional fitness works muscles in your upper and lower body simultaneously and emphasizes core stability. At Forged Fitness, we strongly believe that fitness training should improve more than just your physical appearance. We want our clients to feel and perform their best both physically and mentally. We believe that achieving fitness goals can lead to improved daily performance, confidence, and mood.

Who is functional fitness for?

Athletes: Functional fitness is the perfect supplemental training to enhance your sports performance.

Parents: Functional fitness will make chasing after your toddlers easier and all the heavy lifting feel like a breeze.

Injured: *With permission from your doctor* Functional fitness can aid in the recovery of your injury by strengthening the muscles around the injury.

Career Focused: Are you busy focusing on building a career? Functional fitness will make your time availability count by working all muscles simultaneously.

Elderly: Functional fitness is designed to improve daily tasks. Exercises will improve balance, core strength and mental stamina.

Everyone: Functional fitness in definition improves daily life and exercises can be customized to help each individual reach their specific goal!