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Combat Athlete Fitness

Take Your Fight Career To the next level

Our combat athlete program is designed to help fighters take their career to the next level. The program includes fight specific conditioning to enhance your Martial Arts training as well as weight cutting/reload nutrition education. Small group and personal training options available.

Strength Training

Add power and explosiveness to your punches thanks to functional weight training.


Recover faster between fight rounds with fight specific conditioning.


Make weight easier and recover quicker with proper nutrition.


Mobility work will have you kicking higher and getting that triangle on deeper.


There is a reason that Coach Ben Locken has earned the nickname, “The Mad Scientist”… With overall 12 years experience as both a fitness professional and a martial artist, Coach Ben Locken has perfected the fight conditioning “potion”. Coach Ben has helped hundreds of fighters not only perform at their top level but also make weight easier and recover faster.

  • Become More Explosive
  • Make Weight Easier
  • Improve Your Gas Tank
  • Punch Harder
  • Less Recovery Time
  • Accountability
  • Better Mobility, Flexibility & Balance
  • Increased Mental Clarity & Heart