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Workout on your own with our support

Do you prefer to workout on your own at home or at a facility but aren’t sure what the best exercises are to do to reach your fitness goals? Purchase an individualized fitness program! Our 6 week fitness programs are available in 3 & 5 day options and are customized based on your fitness level, equipment available and goals. How does it work? Schedule a free consultation to discuss your background & goals, receive your 6 week fitness program, schedule an optional one time training session to learn the exercises.

Strength Training

Each program will include either body weight or free weight training depending on your available equipment.


Each workout will get your heart rate rising and increase your endurance levels.


Recovery, mobility and flexibility are essential pieces of each program.

Track Progress

Track your progress with a heart rate monitor and write down your workout achievements each day.


Our fitness programs allow you to workout from the comfort of your own space with the benefit of having a personal trainer create a fitness program designed just for you.

  • Individualized Program
  • Improves Goal-Setting Skills
  • Keeps You On Track
  • Improve Physical Fitness
  • Increased Energy
  • Healthy Lifestyle Change
  • Easy to Adapt
  • Prioritizes Recovery

3 Day Program

6 Week Fitness Program
3 Workouts Per Week
5 Workouts Per Week

5 Day Program

6 Week Fitness Program
3 Workouts Per Week
5 Workouts Per Week


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